A day of rest

Morning on Little River

Training in any sport requires rest days. Rest days are restorative physically and mentally. Resting sometimes means doing nothing very physical. Other times, ‘rest’ is sort of active recovery and enjoying another form of exercise, also a nice break.

Our paddle boards and one of our 7 kayaks
Paddling out to the sound

Yesterday was a break from archery, cycling and running. That meant it was a day to enjoy the water. The morning started with a long trip in the Carolina Skiff then a long paddle in a kayak.

Heading east toward the Albemarle Sound on Little River entailed paddling into a headwind. At the beginning of the trip the wind blew at 7 – 10 mph then picked up a near the sound. The wind was appreciated since the temperature was 96° F (35.5° C).

Being watched by a water turkey

It takes over an hour of non-stop paddling to reach the sound from our home on Little River. The views along the way and the changes on the river are spectacular. Little River isn’t infested with powerboats and jet skis and a trip anywhere on it can be relaxing and quiet.

Taking a break on Little River

It is not always relaxing and quiet. Although the wind never picked up to greater that 15 mph, the river and sound are shallow. As such, it doesn’t take much to create swells. Yesterday, at the mouth of the sound the swells were only 1 to 1.5 feet. They, however, were choppy and waves frequently sprayed over the kayak. Not exactly white water, but big water and it is important to pay attention while handling the boat.

About 2 miles from home

On the return a couple guys were out fishing in the heat that didn’t seem to bother them.  Once home River (my dog) ran up, checked out the boat and surveyed the water. It brought to mind how nice it is to have “a good dog, a good boat, and a good hat.” (Credit to the East Point Oyster Boys)

Nice day to fish, even if they weren’t biting