The New Arrow Phenomenon

Why is it when I buy new arrows within a few shots I have busted arrows? It started with Easton Fatboys.  UnknownI bought six from Wildcat Archery in Pooler, GA.  There is an outdoor range near their shop where I drove to test the Fatboys. On my second shot, one of my new $26.00 arrows smacked a flat head nail, hidden behind the target, driving the tip into the shaft. Crap!

Wildcat Archery in Pooler, GA

After purchasing a dozen Beman ICS Hunter arrows from Cypress Creek Archery in Millington, MD, I practiced on their indoor range.  In a hurry, I shot two arrows per target on a FITA 3 spot to reduce time spent walking back and forth to collect the arrows.  Within a few shots, I hit a totally random ‘Robin Hood.’  Twenty dollars right down the drain.

New arrows purchased shortly before this shot

A few days ago, shooting 3D with brand new Bemans a friend smacked one of his shots into my arrow. Initially, I though only the nock had been damaged.  Closer inspection revealed the carbon was cracked.  Another ten bucks gone faster than losing it in Vegas; set me up again.

In North Carolina, I took a few new arrows out to practice.  I found a weak point in the target, the arrow passed though and hit a support brick ruining the arrow. Ten dollars gone.

Brand new ruined arrow in NC

Oddly, arrow accidents seem to decrease after 2 – 4 of the newly purchased ones are destroyed. I tried buying six, rather than a dozen, to see if I could break the cycle. It didn’t take long before only four remained.   However, the old beaters, veteran survivors of the new arrow phenomenon, remain unmolested by man, obstacle or nature.

Considering the lesser arrows, I wondered, what if I bought eight nice arrows (say $10.00 each). Then, from Wal-Mart bought four inexpensive arrows ($4.00 each).  This would produce a mixed dozen arrows, cost $96.00. Next, by hand, break the Wal-Mart arrows thus arresting cycle.  The manually sacrificed arrows would cost $16.00.  Allowing events to occur naturally, starting with a dozen $10.00 arrows, statistically I’d end up with four broken $10.00 arrows – cost $40.00.  If the mixed dozen, 8 nice arrows and 4 less nice arrows (which I’d break by hand), worked to remedy the new arrow curse, it would leave me ahead by $24.00 and I’d still have 8 decent arrows. This is an untested hypothesis.

Another two bite the dust.

My really special, by definition expensive, arrows are used with prejudice. Only one per target, extra caution is taken to search for that hidden nail, and most certainly vigilant care to ensure no wild shots that might strike wood, brick or metal. Essentially, the expensive shafts are for indoor shooting.  Outside, especially 3D shoots where well-placed arrows become the target, I’ll use the less expensive bin shafts until I have an arrow sponsor.

All 3 arrows survived, none were new.

But, seriously, is this just me?



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    1. Yes, you are right. I’ve started putting up more targets at Cypress Creek and other places. Walking back and forth to retrieve 3 or 5 arrows is boring. So, now I put up 2 of each and try not to hit the floor or ceiling.

    1. Hi Gator (Rik)

      I will get in touch with Josh at Deer Crossing Archery.



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