A good day of training

Driving from Hertford, NC, we stopped over at our home in Easton, MD en route to visit our daughter in Pittsburgh. In Easton I have bikes to ride and a path to run and did so. Mid-day, I practiced archery at Schrader’s Outdoors and saw friends along the way.

The day began with a short 20-mile ride. For the most part I train alone. Today was not different, riding my Trek 5900, circa 1999, the bike I got when I raced for the Trek Mid-Atlantic Factory Team, and I headed out solo. This ride was different.

Steve Culver, Ironman and bow hunter

As I approached my 10-mile turn around I passed Steve Culver. Steve is a fellow triathlete and a bow hunter. He was also training alone, doing a 16-mile run. I turned around and rode at his running pace so we could talk about training, racing (in particular Ironman Lake Placid), and shooting. It was a great pleasure to see Steve and the conversation made my ride a morning to remember.

After the ride, a quick stop at Shore Sportsman and a haircut, I headed to Schrader’s’ Outdoors to practice on their 3D range. They have a sign posted at the entrance, “Only One Shot Per Stake”. A rule follower, I shot once at the hunter class stake and once at the open class stake. There was a one-point difference between the scores; advantage to the open class distance.

Guessed 32 and 44 yards. Lucky guesses

The final workout of the day was a run with River. It was still around 88° degree F so we took it easy. River doesn’t like the heat and her tongue was dragging after a few miles.

River can’t decide whether to run or play

All in all it was nice to be back in Easton, if only for a quick stop. It was nice to ride the traffic free roads, to see Steve, visit my friends at Shore Sportsman, shoot at Schrader’s and run around the neighborhood with River. Not a bad day at all.