Another strong month for

When I started Puttingitontheline , during the few days of February 2014,  I guessed it might fizzle after few weeks. However, the web site continues to grow regarding how many people read it.


I try to add more information than a daily blog. When I am around other archers I listen to what they discuss. Then, remembering what is said transfer it to stories about action on the practice range or in a tournament.

Archers often discuss form and technique. I recall those conversations then  seek the science behind the methods. (Science can be fun) Summaries of archery research can be found under the archery research tab. Then, there are the unique characters I meet. There are so many characters I could write exclusively about them.

Science can be fun

Again, thanks for reading and for your feedback.

Here are some basic stats for the site: Increase from June to July –

Daily pages read up 28%

Visits per day up 29%