Back at Cypress Creek – going for 600

Brenda and I drove from Hertford, NC to Easton, MD on Thursday. The drive takes about four and half hours. Most of our time is spent at our home in NC. Still, we travel back to Maryland to check on the house and visit friends. Upon arrival my first order of business was to get back in the truck and drive to Millington, MD to practice on the indoor range at Cypress Creek Archery.


The 3D season is essentially over for 2014. Granted there may be 3D shoots offered here and there but most hunters are targeting live game this time of year and foam isn’t their primary prey. Hence, the reduced demand for 3D tournaments. The indoor season is approaching and I’d not shot inside is quite some time.

Cypress Creek Archery is 35 miles from my home in Easton. After four and a half hours of solid driving I was wishing it was a bit closer. Still, I was eager to try my aim inside on a 3-spot. Bumper Williams at PGF Archery in Hertford had recently tuned my Mathews Conquest Apex 7 and I wanted to give it a serious test inside. I’ve been shooting it outside in NC. The wind that never stops coming off the river where we live there is a constant targeting aggravation. Inside I’d not have to deal with the wind and was hoping for my first 600 on a 3-spot.


When I got to Cypress Creek Charlie and Larry were working. Harry was off. It was wonderful to see both of them. I’d not been to Cypress Creek for over a month.

After our “Where’d you come from?”

“How’ve you been?” and,

“Have you been down South?” greetings I began unpacking by bow. I’d be practicing with a hunter set-up, short stabilizer and pins. I forget to bring my fancy stabilizer (Bee Stinger) and scope from NC.

There were two young fellows shooting on the range. Cypress Creek has an electronic Dart Target System where archers can practice shooting animals portrayed, by video, in the wild. Those two guys moved into the room adjunct to the range where the screen is located. There they would shoot mock animals electronically using their bows and arrows, with the tips replaced. I now had the range to myself – perfect windless conditions for a 600 score.

Archery nirvana

I’d not yet shot a 600. I’ve come close but to date have managed to blow a shoot or many along the march of 60 arrows to 600 points. This day would not be the day of 600.

Dart System screen

Despite falling short of my goal, it was still good practice. The boys shooting in the room next to me yelled, laughed, popped arrows, banged arrows, ran in and out of the room, and did their best to make me focus. They even brought Charlie into the ruckus complaining about the electronic score keeping and asking for a “reboot” suggesting the electronic data was erroneous.

Larry, manning the counter

Finally, I’d fired my 60 arrows. The score a disappointing 582. My 600 remains elusive for now. Seeing old friends was worth the drive. Listening to and watching the youngsters on game board was entertaining and afforded me an exercise in concentration (albeit one that failed). In hindsight I’m pleased to have not shot out any of the lights at Cypress Creek Archery.

Harry, off duty when I arrived