Back in the attic

On Tuesday it rained. The weather was going to run me inside to shoot. Driving to Cypress Creek Archery in Millington, Maryland to use their indoor range is a haul from Easton, Maryland. The next option is The Shore Sportsman in Easton.

Shore Sportsman
Shore Sportsman

The Shore Sportsman in Easton carries a complete line of outdoor, fishing and hunting gear. They also have a one-lane archery range in their attic. The range’s primary use is to provide initial sight adjustments on new bows. They also rent it for practice.


Over the years I’ve done enough business with Shore Sportsman that they allow me free use of the range. The attic range is quiet and really allows an archer to focus on form. It is a bit short at 18 yards, nevertheless it is an ideal spot to get out of the rain and concentrate on fine adjustments.

Practiced with a short stabilizer on this day.

An hour or two in the attic is a great way to spend a cold wet afternoon in Maryland.