Big Weekend on the Eastern Shore

This past weekend on the Eastern Shore of Maryland there were plenty of organized activities for people who enjoy playing outside.  Among them were running events, cycling events, a triathlon, and 3D shooting.  I wanted to do them all but that wasn’t possible.

In advance, I’d signed up for the St. Michaels Running Festival held on May 17th. Within days of registering the Maritime Triathlon was announced and would be held May 18th.  Racing back to back is tough.  I decided to stick with my Saturday running event then shoot 3D with the Tuckahoe Bowmen on Sunday.

St. Michael’s Running Festival

Two days before the 3D shoot I changed my planned ½ marathon to 10K.  I’d done a weekend similar to this in the past.  That is, I’d run a ½ marathon one day and shot 3D the next.  Shooting 3D the day after a ½ marathon wasn’t horrible on my legs, but neither was it wonderful.

Shooting with the members of the Tuckahoe Bowmen means competing with some serious archers.  On Sunday, folks showed up wearing their pro-team shirts or T-shirts commemorating their participation in world archery championships.  Fitting with Saturday night’s post-run celebration, my T-shirt commemorated the “Hair-of-the-dog”, a local spirits shop.

Tuckahoe Bowmen Club House

The Tuckahoe Bowmen had a decent turn out of archers despite another competitive tournament in the region. The groups shooting included children, traditional and compound archers.  I joined a band of four:  Paul, Norman, Mevko, and Bill. It had been raining earlier in the week so knee-high boots were the foot apparel of choice among our troop. The rain brought cool temperatures, 50 to 70 degree-days, which seemed to have knocked back the ticks.  Sunday was sunny and cool.

Mevko considering his next shot

Paul had been out early to set up and supervise the placement of targets.  Suffering a back injury, to reduce the potential of further lumbar strain, he and other volunteers  put out an abundance of smaller targets.  As such, raccoon, turkey, bobcat, and javelina where the foam de jour.

Paul, master of target placement

Paul and Norman, typically, battled for 1st and 2nd place.  Paul took the day by a narrow margin.  It would have been nice to have departed the range with all of my arrows intact.  Bill dashed that by shooting into one of my brand new Bemans.

Norman Big Weekend
Norman, finding the X
Bill, seconds before hitting one of my arrows

I ended up scoring a personal best for the Tuckahoe Bowmen 3D course.  Saturday’s run was not a great as I’d thought.  My Garmin time and the official time had significant differences.  In that regard, nothing serious enough over which to lose sleep.  The Saturday night libations seemed to of had minimal effect on my shooting.  It remains unclear what that indicates in the matter of my current skill as an archer.  All in all, a very nice weekend on the Eastern Shore.

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