Camaraderie of Spirit

Athletes share common denominators. Runners, triathletes, cyclists, archers and other athletes understand one another’s efforts, discipline and passion. Often this is obvious when meeting a stranger that shares your sport. They understand the spirit of sports.


Brenda and I were at Swimme and Son Construction in Elizabeth City to talk about re-modeling our home in Hertford, NC. When Chris drove up I noticed the arrow over his truck’s antenna.

Me, not losing an arrow
Chris next to his truck

There aren’t any 3D ranges or archery ranges near Hertford. After Chris parked, I walked over introduced myself and asked if he knew any ranges. He confirmed currently there were none. However, he explained, his gun club was considering adding both 3D and flat archery targets. It turned out his club is in Hertford. The more important point was the instant understanding and open exchange information. Chris, like other athletes, was happy to talk about his sport.

Through athletics I’ve been fortunate to meet people across the globe. As a general rule, I believe people who are active in sports live richer lives and are easy to approach. Even those people whose names I didn’t get (or can’t remember) after seeing them a time or two they smile and talk. The camaraderie of spirit in sports is one of the main reasons I enjoy athletics and archery.

Someone yelled, “Get Him!” and everyone was looking at me. (run like you stole something)