Day one of competition – IBO World Championships

Archers in the queue to shoot

Being realistic I’d calculated my expected target point average for the IBO World Championships. I also know, using statistics, where I can expect to finish. The objective here wasn’t to shoot for a miracle but to set a bar from which to improve relative to the best shooters in the world. Day one went pretty much as planned.

There are self-motivating confidence building slogans and sayings. Having heard them all and studied the science behind sports, the myelin building process and experience requirements for a world championship event, this being my 5th in four disciples, I have a pretty good idea of what I am up against. Simple statistics determined my first day’s results. My calculations were 0.2 points away from the actual result.

This doesn’t suggest I gave away any shot.   The terrain was so different from my experience level, which I’d considered beforehand, my goal was to shoot my best and try for an 11 with each attempt. Math won the day.

The group I shot with were seasoned archers.  These boys are in it for the fun and solid results. Their finals for day one were among the top scores.


What I can say about the course, it was world class. Dark targets in confined nearly as dark holes were the norm. One coyote, certainly one that will be talked about, was small, spotty, across a road and positioned high on a steep embankment 30-plus yards out. The adolescent sized canine provided our group an 11, two 10s and an eight. At times the steepness of the hills challenged holding your stance and retrieving arrows. Mountain lions were a favorite on range “I” and one required a rope to haul you up to the target. By stake 14 climbs were so difficult as to slow down the pace. As such, our group made use of the time sitting and eating. Our 10:20 am start time had us on the range during lunch.

Yep, that’s a black bear in that hole
Norman Big Weekend
Norman Gustafson

“Pop”, Kirk Tull, Sr. was in the group just behind me. Meeting him afterwards he explained he’d only had one poor shot. A good day tomorrow should award him a high finish. Of the others among the group from Maryland, I understand Norman and Wes finished one up. No results on the others as yet.

Wes Pritchett