Day one of the drive to NY

For the past decade I traveled every week. Traveling to NY for the IBO shoot isn’t too bad. Primarily, I don’t have to get on a plane. Still, it is a haul from Hertford, NC to Ellicottville, NY by truck.

Looks like it is going to be a hilly course

On the bright side the drive is particularly beautiful from NC to my layover in Easton, MD. The Chesapeake Bay Tunnel is masterpiece of civil engineering. Crossing the bay there is the possibility of spotting a US Navy ship entering or leaving Norfolk, which is very cool.

An aircraft carrier, among the many ships we’ve seen while crossing the bay

River, my dog, made the drive with me as far as Maryland Shore Pet Resort where she’ll be hanging out until Monday. She’s not a fan of kennels so she was treated to a Hardee’s burger before she got there. This isn’t her first stay; she spent a month there being trained as a “gun dog.” River seems to prefer archery to guns. Archers seem to enjoy feeding her.

River especially enjoys the food associated with archery

Rather than stopping in Easton, I drove directly to Schrader’s Outdoors to get one more 3D practice in before I head to NY tomorrow. There they have two stakes at each animal. A green stake, the hunter class, with a max distance of 35 yards. The other is a blue stake, open class, with a max distance of 50 yards.

Maryland Shore Pet Resort

Schrader’s has a sign posted at the entrance of the range with a rule that only one shot is allowed per stake. Following that rule, I shot each animal, once at the green stake and once at the blue.

Schrader’s Outdoors

When I finished it was time find dinner, Mexican food (traveling alone so no risk of offending a passenger’s olfactory nerve), then lay over at the Easton homestead. There I tallied my score and did some stats.

If the IBO World’s consists of 20 targets per day and there are two days then there are 40 targets. (Easy math). Using the scores for both green and blue stakes I reached a value. Both green and blue were used since the IBO World in my class has a 35-yard max, but the difficulty should be greater. Allowing for variability over the course and the average for today my result should place me between 75th and 49th place. A narrower subset is 60th to 49th. The ranges are a comparison from the 2013 finals in the senior hunter class. Not where I’d like to be, yet.


Nevertheless, it was nice to end the day with some practice. Being stuck in the truck for 6 hours is a pain in the butt. Tomorrow the drive is a bit longer.

Just relax and go with the flow



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  1. Dave, hope you shoot well,
    aim small, miss small. You may want to stay from any more Mexican food before your shoot, enough said. Good luck

    1. Thanks, Carl. I hadn’t given Mexican food any thought. In the spirit of good sportsmanship I will avoid it for now.

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