Example of a Quarterly Report to Sponsors

I have sponsors and take my job of supporting Rudy Project, BRL Sports Nutrition, 60X Custom Strings, Flying Arrow Archery, and Swiftwick seriously.  They all receive quarterly reports.  I thought some of you might be interested in reading what I share with my sponsors.  Here is my Q4 report:

Q4 2016 Report – David Lain

It’s not quite the end of Q4. But, the final weeks will be busy. So, here’s my Q4 report a little early. It will not have the results of the final three December tournaments. Two of those will be in North Carolina and one in Georgia. October, November and December mean most 3D archery shoots are over for the season as archers turn to hunting.

On the competitive side focus has been on preparation for the USA Indoor Nationals scheduled for February 2017. Hours of daily practice at 18-meters has been the rigor of the day. In two recent indoor events I ended up with a 1st Place and a 2nd place, both tournaments in North Carolina. In addition there are indoor league events where I am currently competing.

Over the course of 2016 I competed in 21 archery contests. I took two 1st place, six 2nd place, and 4 third place finishes. The other results ranged from 4th to 43rd (a particularly frustrating event in Augusta.) In addition to archery I finished 2nd place in two cycling races and 4th in one road race (5K run). I had one archery ‘DNF’ because of equipment problems (IBO World Championships.) I took 2nd in the Maryland IBO State Championship and 4th in the ASA North Carolina Championship (Both 3D). At the USA Indoor Nationals I won 2nd place in the South Division.

2016 was a year of changes. Many of the events where I competed where “B” level where while winning was a goal; a major goal was to learn a new method of shooting. This was a significant factor in 3D where I switched from pins, used in the IBO Pro Hunter Class, to a sight and scope. The change was to prepare for 2017 where the Professional 3D Class in which I’ll compete uses sights, scopes and longer stabilizers. Judging yardage with a pin feel is much different than the exactness required using a sight. At least in my opinion and my 2016 results support.

In 2016 I traveled over 12,000 miles to various archery tournaments. To cut costs I bought a Winnebago that has been really nice and I should reach 100% return on of investment in 2018. Camping has saved a lot of money on hotels, food, and kennel costs.

My website, Puttingitontheline.com (where sponsors are represented and linked) remains extremely active with over 10,000 visitors per month.

Some of you may be aware of my medical/science background. Archery is not only a sport for me it is part of an experiment in talent transfer. I collect a great deal of data on my performance. I have been studying and testing “talent transfer,” a notion in sports science. I am making time curves of the progressive myelination of my nervous system. I mention it here because there is enough data collected to write an abstract for scientific presentation. (My peer review publications can be found at PubMed/National Library of Medicine.) I am planning on publishing.

In 2017 I expect to win at a minimum two State level competitions. I intend to regain my 1st in the USA Indoors 18-meter in the Southern region. I will not have a feel on 3D for the ASA Pro/Am series or IBO Worlds for another month or more when my full time concentration returns to that venue.

I am looking for to 2017 and anticipate a great year. I appreciate all your support.

David Lain, PhD, JD, FCCP, FAARC (retired)

Archer – not retired

Fellow Emeritus, American College of Chest Physicians

Former Member –Team USA World Long Course Duathlon Championship Team (2007)

3X Ironman Finisher – Including the Ironman World Championship Kona, Hawaii (2008)

2013 USA Track & Field Phidippides Award recipient.