Fathers’ Day 3D

The Tuckahoe Bowmen’s Fathers’ Day 3D shoot fell on Fathers’ Day. As such, there weren’t expectations for a large turn out of archers. We guessed most dads and their families would be elsewhere celebrating, but some might use the 3D opportunity to bring their sons and daughters out for a day on the range.

Early sign in at Tuckahoe

Bill and Mevko, members of the Tuckahoe Bowmen, came early to set up the 3D course. They prepared 30 challenging arrays of targets. By the time I arrived the course was complete. Getting to the range early is a bit of a haul for me and requires a 5:00 A.M wake up alarm to make it there by 7:00 A.M. Honestly, that is a long shot for me. In fact, it was a long shot for Mevko on this particular Sunday.

Mevko had been out late on Saturday night. Some Saturday nights are hard to end. As Mevko explained it, “My alarm went off, I hit it and went back to sleep for another hour.” We’ve all been there. Nevertheless, our Bosnian buddy was able to pull himself into action and still made it to Tuckahoe in time to help set up the course. Bill and Mevko had the range ready by 8:00 A.M. They had help from another archer I don’t know. He couldn’t shoot because of an injury. But, he came, helped set up and then left. That is a good man.

We were surprised at how many archers showed up for the Father’s Day Shoot. It was nice to see all the kids that came, as well. These children were extremely excited. Their eyes were big, their bows were little and the pride for their dads unlimited. It was, also, really entertaining to hear these cubs share the stories of their 10 and X shots. During the child’s recitation of their good shots, the pride now shown on the faces of their dads.

Mevko, Bill, and Al

Archers continued to show up until 11:40 A.M.  They were greeted by a recently mowed, well laid out course, of which Bill had cleared the weeds from trails the day before. The warm-up range’s  field was also freshly mowed offering members and guests golf course like greens to practice on before moving onto the course.

Mevko Robin Hood
During warm up it became clear these archers were serious (Photo by Mevko)

After the shoot I assisted with collecting the targets. The deer and smaller foam animals aren’t too difficult. Bill often handles two of these at a time. I stick with one target at a time. Once, Bill called for help. He wanted me to put deer on his left shoulder; a pig was already riding on his right.

While wrestling a foam elk, and losing, I was rescued by Mevko. He tossed this giant up like it was a circus-prize animal and pretty much skipped up an embankment. While certain I could out run, out swim, or out bicycle any of the folks I shoot with, Mevko and Bill made it obvious I have got to get to the gym more often.

Wish I’d gotten a few more of these

Father’s Day was a success for the dads and children that showed up to enjoy the outdoors and archery at Tuckahoe. All the children left the range with an archery patch. Several of the most frequent archers stayed away celebrating with their families and we missed them. On the other hand the many new archers that shot with their kids was gratifying compensation.

Take home prize won by an older child at heart


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  1. It’s all about the kids and the relationships that are built. I covet all of the time I’ve spent with both of my daughters on the range and in the field. Great memories
    More articles on kids please.

    1. Hi Rik, Yes kids are fun. As stories develop that involve them, of course, I will write about them. Shooting with Sean was one of my favorites. Thanks, David

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