Finally, getting my bow right.

thSeveral months ago I replaced the string on my Mathews Apex 7. Since then it has never ‘felt’ exactly right. My anchor ‘felt’ off, my head didn’t feel right, the bow vibrated more, and my shots weren’t as tight. The bow had been looked at by a number of shops, none were Mathews dealerships. Because the shops weren’t Mathews dealers none of them wanted to do anything to the bow that might void the warranty. But, they all agreed something was off.  Yesterday, I made the two hour drive to Ernal, NC, to meet with Terry Lewis at Terry’s Archery Plus, who is a Mathews dealer.

Not only is Terry a Mathews dealer he is truly a bow expert. He made measurements and verified angles. Then, from his assessment, he made adjustments to the string. He solved the vibration problem and worked with my peep.

Terry adjusting the string on my Apex 7

I took the bow home and tried it out on my range. The difference was significant. Whereas before I’d given up on the Apex 7 and gone to exclusively shooting my Mathews ZXT in tournaments it was obvious the Apex 7 will once again be my tournament bow. Thanks, Terry