Finding Hills to Shoot

Brenda, my wife, and I drove to Georgia for a  4th of July family vacation. While in Georgia I’d get an opportunity to practice archery on hills, something I get little of living on coastal North Carolina and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

From our balcony in Georgia

Bart Shortall, an ex-professional archer, owner of X-Fire Strings, and part-time archery coach, urged me to do two things when I practice while on the road. First, he said to shoot a lot from 33 – 37 yards, second to shoot on hills. Both of his recommendations are to help me prepare for the IBO World Champions coming in August.

Bart Shortall, owner of X-Fire Strings

In Georgia, I’d get hills. Within a couple of hours of our arrival I’d set-up a target on the driveway, a distance of 26 yards, and uphill. Twenty-six yards was all the space I could free for the moment. It was late in the day following an eight-hour drive; as such, 26-yards would be fine. I got about an hour of practice completed before a thunderstorm drove me indoors.

Shooting in the driveway

Later, I’d move to more open land and greater distance for practice. Here, there is plenty of open land, forest and nearby the Elijah Clark State Park archery range. There are also a lot of – hills.

Thrill in the Hills 2
Thrill in the Hills 1/2 Marathon (me in the green) at Ft. Yargo, near Athens, GA.