Fixin’ to hunt

Yesterday, we scouted the property for signs of deer and pigs. We removed the SIM cards from trail cameras for further evaluation. Then we returned home to sight bows and plan.

We’ll be waiting

We’ll haul a Polaris Ranger behind Ray’s truck this afternoon. The area we hunt is 679 acres and the Polaris saves time hiking. It is also handy carrying out animals.

Our ride for today

We’ve identified areas most likely where deer will emerge near sunset. In the meantime, I sighted my hunting bow, a Mathews ZXT, and practiced a bit with my Apex 7 for the tournament on Saturday.

As always, I practice under the watchful eyes of River

Hopefully, we’ll have some profit from our efforts this afternoon. If not, there is only Sunday left to hunt. Friday we’re obligated to attend “Grandparents’ Day” at Athens Academy which might not get us back in time to hunt in the afternoon. On Saturday I’ll be shooting in Madison, GA.

Speaking for myself,I am sighted at 20, 30, and 35 yards

This leaves Sunday for the last full day of hunting. We head back to NC on Monday were there is another tournament.