Getting My Gear Back

Archery Lesson 2:  Remember everything you bring to the range and don’t leave it there.

I learned lesson two a few weeks ago in Murrysville, PA, after I forgot a couple of items on the range.   This past Saturday, I retrieved those items, a mislaid quiver and belt.  The quiver and belt were presents from my wife – even more important I got them back.

Sherry had been working the tournament at the Crowfoot Sportmen’s Club when I competed there in early March. It was a well-run fun event. Following the shoot I partially packed my gear and headed back to Maryland.  Someone in Pennsylvania found my unpacked gear and gave it to Sherry.  Luckily, my quiver had an old score card in the pocket which is how Sherry identified the forgetful owner, me. She called the next day to let me know she had my stuff.

Sherry working the desk at Crowfoot Sportsmen’s Club

The Crowfoot Sportsmen’s Club in Murrysville is on the western edge of Pennsylvania.  My home in Easton, Maryland, is on the Eastern Shore.  The distance between the points is about 300 miles.  Fortunately, I was heading back to Sherry’s neck of the woods in a few weeks.

Twenty-two days after her call I was meeting Sherry for a second time and collecting my previously forgotten property.  Sherry was working another tournament at the Crowfoot Sportsmen’s Club.   The range was packed.  Seeing all the shooters made me envious.  If that day had not been my grandson Merric’s first birthday celebration, my reason for being in Sherry’s neck of the woods, I might have been shooting at the tournament.

Shooters checking their arrows

Thanks to Sherry and the other good folks at Crowfoot Sportsmen’s Club for taking care of my stuff.  I’ll try not to leave behind other things of mine during future shoots at Crowfoot Sportsmen’s Club or any other range for that matter. It was great to get the gear back.

The “Left-Behind” gear