Great and unexpected coaching

1379911_1407670866128714_2097376479_nLast week, while in Easton, MD, I drove to Cambridge, MD to meet with Tim Sharp. Tim is the CFO at TriDave’s, LLC, and we needed to review our budget then plan more orders.  He’s also a partner in Mid-Shore Tax & Accounting Group, LLC in Cambridge, MD. We met years ago through triathlons. We have many similar interests: triathlons, sailing, boating, running, business, and shooting.


Tim Sharp, CPA, triathlete and skeet shooter

Tim is an avid skeet shooter. He also shoots trap and sporting clays. I knew he shot skeet, but only recently grasped how passionate he is about the sport. By comparison, he is a better shooter in his sport than I am in mine. Tim began shooting in his teens and took a break while he focused on his career as an accountant. A mutual friend and triathlete, Blaine Weitzel, who has been shooting skeet for a while, asked Tim for some tips. Before long, Tim found himself shooting with a renewed vigor.

Tim finishing a triathlon

As we spoke, Tim pointed out “We’re looking for ways to hone our skills since we can’t rely on youth.” As such, Tim has been taking advise of the pros in his field, which he passed along to me. The mental similarities are dramatic.

Some much of shooting is mental whether it is with a bow or a shotgun

The tips he gave me, based on his shooting, I have been applying to archery – they’re all mental tips. Over the past week, applying what Tim coached my center shots seem to be coming with greater ease and flow. What is most amazing is how simple suggestions make a big difference.

I mentioned this to Tim and he said, “I’m glad I was able to pass my experiences on to you.  I think I’m a teacher at heart.”

A lot can be said about being able to teach or coach. Finding the right coach can make a huge difference. Self-coaching, common in triathlon, simply will not work in archery. That became abundantly clear after spending a short time with Tim listening to his advice and incorporating the knowledge he passed my way.