Horses on my range

When I practice I draw a unique crowd. River, my lab, feels it is her duty to supervise each shot. There are times she’ll climb a stand to coach 3D practice. Honestly, a dog and archery seem well suited. Two other observers of my practice are likely better suited and have a rich history in archery.

River on her way to a foam animal to measure my shot.

In the country we have many free-range animals. The primary domestic varieties are chickens, dogs and cats. Wild animals are vast and plentiful. Because we are so remote we have free-range horses.

The girls enjoying the river

Two, Imperious and Constance, very social mares are frequent visitors. Their stable and small pasture is few hundred yards away. They often escape for better grazing. If I am out shooting both walk over to watch.


These two girls will come over, sniff my arrows, always disappointed they are inedible, and hang out. Today, while shooting mid-morning, Imperious spotted me. She made a beeline over and was immediately followed by Constance. This happens several times a week.


Horses and archers have a rich history. These mares seem to enjoy watching archery. While they observe they always stand behind me to my left. When I take a break I’ll speak with them and give them a pat or rub. They stay as long as I am out or until someone comes to retrieve them. I don’t exactly understand this relationship and neither horse has ever offered an explanation.