I need some new arrows

There are those days when shooters are in a zone. Today was that day for me. It is not the first, and hopefully, they will continue to come with increasing frequency. When you look at these photos, you’ll see not every shot for the past two sessions has been on the mark.

Monday evening, first shot at 20-yards to sight my bow with a fresh paper (rifle) target.

Yesterday evening I changed a worn out 5-spot paper target to a single center shot. I often use a 5-spot to protect my arrows. Five center shots means less risk of damaging fletching or nocks.

My bow had been recently tuned and needed to be re-sighted. Sighting takes time and patience. I have plenty of the former and little of the latter. Sighting, at least for me, is easier when I shoot for the same spot.

After yesterday’s tedious process of sighting out to 60 yards I’d gotten the bow where it seemed okay. I’d stopped shooting, and sighting, when Brenda called me in for dinner. This morning I’d test my labors of yesterday.

At 20 yards, the bow seemed to be hitting were I was aiming.

Tuesday morning at 20-yards. Holes are from Monday evening after I replaced the 5-spot to adjust my sight I moved to 30 yards.

Satisfied at 20 yards, I moved to 30 yards.

30-yards, looking pretty good. Yes, there are two brands of arrow. I am running low and have 6 beaters and 4 good ones. Saving the good arrows for hunting.

Then, I tried 35 yards.

Not too bad at 35-yards

Brenda had driven to Elizabeth City to run a few errands. She arrived just as I’d shot two arrows at 40 yards. When she pulled onto our driveway and opened the car door I called,

“ You have to come see this”

“That’s pretty good, “ she replied. Then added, “But this is tough on your arrows.”

40-yards and down 2 more arrows

Like I said, some days are better than others. Hitting a ‘Robin Hood’ is pretty cool.  Statistically, a  ‘Robin Hood” shot occurs once every 10,000 shots (all archers inclusive).  Of course, this now leaves me with a total of 8 arrows – 4 beater arrows and 4 nice arrows.

Traveling makes getting arrows a challenge.  The dozen, now 8, arrows I’d been using was shipped to me by Cypress Creek Archery in Maryland.  The last 3 shops I visited didn’t carry the brand arrow (Beman, ICS Hunter Carbon, 500, 7.3 gpi ) I shoot or if they did they had the brand didn’t have the correct weight.

40 yards is a pretty long shot, over the trailer, past the car and truck to the end of the driveway.

I haven’t verified the sight at 45 – 60 yards, yet.  I stopped at 40 for lunch and to prepare for our trip to Georgia.  We’re heading their to visit family and hunt.  I am also looking forward to a seeing the folks at Wildcat Archer in Pooler, GA.   And, perhaps, buy some new arrows.0aa0cc943f91d0327567ac849a8e572e.jpg