Interesting afternoon

Many of you are in the woods hunting. For me, I’ll be there next week. For now, I am preparing for a race in Belhaven, NC and an archery tournament in Madison, GA.

Hard to pass on a race that involves a pink flamingo

We leave to hunt in Georgia on Tuesday. I’ve sorted my arrows for hunting and those for targets. In both cases, I am getting low. For a tournament I need matching arrows, I have five. I’ll only need three. I’ve been too busy to get new arrows or have the fletching repaired on five others. Those five sit four sit feet away in an embarrassed state of fletch. These ten are the remains of my most recent dozen. Of that dozen two were lost to a Robin Hood.

Bow, sight, and arrows for next week

Typically when I practice, I aim at paper targets with multiple faces. The most for one target is a 5-spot. Because I want to get more shots in, I frequently shoot 2 arrows per X. Occasionally, this leads to torn fletching and the infrequent Robin Hood.


This morning I selected the five functional arrows, checked them closely for any cracks, numbered them, and wrote my name on each shaft – a rule that some indoor tournaments enforce. Then, I took to my range to double check their flight patterns.

On the first shot, my arrow sailed in to the woods. It was way high. I’d been shooting at 60 yards yesterday and forgotten to raise my sight. Luckily, I found the undamaged arrow, a small miracle in the underbrush. The Georgia tournament is 18 meters, as was the target I’d just missed; I raised my sight to the appropriate level and continued to practice.

Here on Little River we get a lot of wind.  As I practiced the breeze picked up and was getting worse. By the afternoon, weathermen and weather women have forecasted gusts to 50 mph and rain. Such conditions aren’t ideal for archery or a running race. However, they are ideal for the weather forecasters who excitedly pronounce a localized climatic apocalypse for the afternoon.

I am, of course, running in a race at 5 PM. According to my bubbly weather woman, if I “risk” going outside, there is “concern” upon which she “urges caution” so that I am not blown away.

This photo taken around noon. It is suppose to be rough by 5PM

I checked with the race officials and they are having the run rain or shine. This is going to be an interesting afternoon.