New String, new loop, and new peep.

The strings I use have been X-Fire. These strings are a combination of art and function. As things go, X-Fire Strings are now gone on to bigger and better business affiliations. I am happy for Bart, owner of X-Fire, but was in a jam for a string. Thankfully, good friends helped me out with a new custom string even giving me the University of Georgia colors in a matter of days.

Mathews ZXT with new string, peep and loop
UGA Red and Black

A new string, new loop and new peep meant some adjustments to the pins on my hunting bow, a Mathews ZXT. Adjusting pins can be a laborious process. The short distances weren’t too difficult but beyond 35 yards requires more tinkering than this day afforded me.

Shooting for the center white gap between the two red lines there across the middle at 20 yards.

Still, it was important enough, even with pins a bit off, to practice 3D. Long shots, 40 plus yards,  were too frustrating and after awhile I only shot at 35 yards or less. Getting slight differences, a tad longer loop for example (maybe a few millimeters) to anchor just right is an aggravation when rushed.

IMG_1884 IMG_1885

The turkey and elk all X’s at 20 and 35 yards.  Beyond 35 yards not as rewarding. Granted, the elk Xs are on the line.

After shooting awhile at foam I went back to flat targets. Short distances are right on, longer dropping a bit. Tomorrow, I’ll get back to NC where my yard has the range and there I won’t be as rushed to finish the job of re-setting my pins. I am glad to have been able to get a new string so fast, even happier with the UGA colors. Wishing the best of luck to Bart Shortall, owner of X-Fire Strings in his new business adventure.