Nice day in the woods

Another long day with no deer or pigs. I started alone at dawn, took a break around 2:30 PM and was back in the woods with Brenda, my wife, and Ray, my father-in-law by 4:30 PM where we stayed until dark. None of us got a shot off.

Ray (hard to imagine he is 87 in a few months)

In the morning, when driving into the woods six deer raised their tails to my truck. The red clay roads that crisscross our property are narrow and leave little room for error. Deer make a game of hopping across these roads whenever we drive into or out of the land we hunt.

This morning I was alone. Ray, who typically joins me, decided to wait and try his muzzleloader at dusk. In the woods, I parked the truck and backed the Bad Boy Buggie off its trailer. On the four-wheeler I piled my gear and headed to a blind I planned to use for this day.

Partial view from the blind, shortly after sunrise

Part of my gear included a horse blanket. The blind has a pine straw floor and the horse blanket would muffle the sound caused by the pine straw and improve comfort. In this blind I have to shoot while kneeling. There is a chair for shooting with a gun or crossbow, but the chair is in the way when using a bow. It gets moved out for bow hunting and the ground becomes the furniture.

Jiminy Cricket?

After arranging the blind, testing my draw, ranging various trees and stumps, I settled in to await the deer. There I remained though breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, and a nap, until 2:30 PM when I headed home. The only critter I saw was a grasshopper. Maybe this evening’s hunt would be better.

In the afternoon, by 4:30 PM I am back at the same area only this time in a tree stand. Brenda, my wife has come on this hunt. Ray is about a kilometer away in a blind. It would be great to write that the wait until dusk hunt brought home the bacon or the venison.   The only game that passed our stand were taunting turkey, which aren’t in season.

Do this is a few months my tasty friends!

Naturally, driving back to the truck on the Bad Boy Buggie, Brenda and I saw seven deer not 25 yards off the path – par. Ray’s luck had been no better. Still, spending a day in the woods is never time wasted; the short nap on pine straw covered with a horse blanket a real bonus.

Brenda waiting (October and still quite warm, around 80F)