Not bad, not bad at all

Downtown Hertford – a 35 minute drive from our home. Main street has 2 traffic lights. This photo taken during ‘rush hour’

After five days in Easton, MD it is great to be back in Hertford, NC. The dogs and I can run wild and free.

Free range dogs

River’s first order of business was to jump in the river. Nixie was soon after her.

River, my lab, and Nixie, the weinerdog who thinks she a lab.

After unpacking my truck and Brenda’s car I grabbed my bow and shot for an hour and a half. While it was nice to see folks in Easton and Cambridge, Maryland it is hard to beat living on a river near the woods.

This speaks for itself

After shooting I pulled out kayaks and paddle boards for tomorrow.


Man, it is nice to be back.


Not bad, seriously, not bad at all