Nutrition, hydration and a discount from BRL Sports Nutrition for Archers

This year many 3D competitions were hot, hilly, and took hours to complete.  Over the winter and spring, indoor tournaments lasted hours and the nutrition available on the range consisted of carbonated beverages and snacks loaded with sugar.  Many people, me included, came prepared by bringing something to eat and drink while shooting.  The “food and drink” I frequently noticed people consuming, well, wasn’t exactly what they should have been putting into their bodies during competition.

Hikes over a 3D course can be beautiful as well has physically demanding

What I observed being consumed by archers, in competition and during practice, is a far cry from the nutrition other elite athletes put into their bodies.  Runners, swimmers, cyclists, and triathletes are less likely to compete after and while fueling themselves with “Little Debbie” cakes and using “Coke or Pepsi” for hydration.

I mix TriFuel and use it for endurance sports and archery

An archer’s diet not only impacts performance, it also impacts overall energy level. Junk foods have little nutrition and are loaded with trans fats, sugar and calories. They may provide an initial surge of energy, but you will quickly experience an energy crash after eating them.

Whether competing in endurance events or archery I plan for nutrition and diet requirements (sadly I’ve learned a lot the hard way)

Apart from being sugary, cola drinks can lead to gastric problems during any kind of sports activity. Cola drinks can lead to acidity problems and indigestion. It can also account for a sharp increase in insulin, followed by a drastic drop in sugar levels.

Hours of hiking and shooting need a nutrition and hydration plan

It seems the sports nutrition companies have passed over archers to a large degree.  At the vendor expo prior to nearly all endurance races where I complete there’re always sports nutrition products on hand.  During the twenty archery competitions I’ve done in 2014 there have been no sports nutrition vendors. There was a beer vendor and beer was available beginning in the morning at one major event.

Bob Gentile, ultra-runner

I explained this to Bob Gentile, a friend who is an ultra runner (he runs those 100-mile events). He also happens to be the National and International Sales Director of BRL Sports Nutrition.  I use their products and have published two papers on them.

Bob said he would offer archers a chance to try their products at a discount.  By going to BRL Sports website,, and using Code Bowhunter20 you can get a 20% discount on their products.

vo2boost Altitude-RX

I am also including the link to one of my papers on their products if you’re interested:

So much of how we perform, as archers, is associated with focus and confidence. Archers should build into their training nutrition management and diet control.  It can improve focus and confidence once you’ve taken a holistic approach to the sport.