Oh, yeah, that’s real

I’m soon to be 61 years old. Not young, not really old. My family’s genetics suggests I’ll croak between 90 and 98 years old. Honestly, I don’t really worry about it beyond making as certain as I can that I have a budget that will last my wife and I until we’re 98. Should we out last 98 years, well my plan is to be a burden on society. I’ve been married for 36 years and not by any stretch someone on the “prowl.”

That said it often amazes me the “Friend” requests I get on Facebook. I’d would have to be pretty stupid to believe an unknown beautiful woman in her twenties wants to be my “Friend.” I’ve got no idea what these people want; I expect it is a front for some nefarious enterprise.

Typically, I just delete the request. Sometimes, I’ll double check their Facebook page to see if they are legitimate. Most often it’s obviously a front –  no cover page, a few posts for some product, and one or two somewhat risqué photos. Delete, delete, delete. But, I recently got one that was too funny.

The “Friend” from Texas. Wait a minute, what is that over her left shoulder?

This ‘Friend” request pops up on my Facebook account. A young woman in a revealing bathing suit from Texas. What caught my eye is that the background showed a fellow that I felt certain was not a Texan. Talk abut a photo bomb!

Nope, not in Texas.

I’ve lived in Texas and so has my wife, Livingston and El Paso, respectively.  I love the west and if my wife didn’t have so much seawater in her blood we might be living there. But, there’s no way she’s leaving the Atlantic Ocean.

I learned a bit about Texas and Texans when I lived there.  I honestly believe that no righteous male Texan would have been prancing around in public looking like the guy in the background of this faux-cowgirl’s photo sent to me via a Facebook ‘Friend” request.

However, I did get a good laugh before deleting the request.