One odd shot

For the past two days I practiced on a 3D range. On Sunday, I shot with my Mathews ZXT. On Monday I used my Mathews Apex 7. For the two days, there was a 4-point difference for the 30 targets. Four points can mean a lot in most competition. The Apex 7 won me the 4 extra points. The reasons I practiced with the ZXT are: 1) it was cold Monday and the metal grip of the of the Apex 7 isn’t as nice as the wooden grip ZXT when it is cold, and 2) I hunt with the ZXT.

Arrow touching the edge of the center ring

There’re a couple of pigs on the course. The distance is about 30 yards for the one in these photographs.  I hit it pretty good on Monday, the arrow touching the line of the center circle. When I pulled the arrow, I lost the field tip and the insert for the tip. Both remained lodged in the middle of the foam hog.  I’d carried three arrows in my quiver so I had two more with which to continue practicing.

You can see the silver insert, from the arrow a day before, on the tip of the arrow going through this pig.

On Monday I was shooting on the same range. Once again, I hit the pig in a good spot. When I walked up to retrieve the arrow I was surprised to find Monday’s arrow had found the insert and field tip from Sunday. That was one odd shot.

Better view of the insert and tip from Sunday shot out of the pig on Monday

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