PGF Archery and Bumper

PGF is a small archery shop operated out of the owner’s garage. The owner, Bumper Williams, operates his business on a limited schedule. He works full time as a police investigator so archery is a part-time enterprise.


His shop, while small, is staffed an expert bow technician, the proprietor, Bumper. As yet, the history of the name Bumper is a mystery to me. However, the solid bulk of the man does lead to speculation.

Bumper Williams

Bumper turned out to be a diamond in the rough of “experts” that have fiddled with my bows. My Mathews Conquest Apex 7 has not shot right or sounded right for months. When I release an arrow is vibrates and rattles so violently I have stopped shooting it entirely.

Seeking help I went to PGF, an archery shop identified to me by Norman Mitchell of Elizabeth City. PGF is near Hertford, NC. There I explained my problems to Bumper.

After a quick visual assessment, Bumper identified a number of problems. He made two fast adjustments that proved positive during the limited time he had available. Later, I’ll leave the bow with him so that he can make further adjustments.  The Mathews Apex 7 is an expensive bow. It is a same not be able shoot it. Sadly, it has been out of commission for about three months.

A few of Bumper’s “Robin Hoods” on display

With the Apex 7 out of service I’ve been shooting my Mathews ZXT for many 3D competitions. While this is a great hunting bow, it isn’t Mathews’ top of the line, particularly for 3D competition. Bumper, looking at that bow noticed, and pointed out, technical problems, which are repairable.

Accuracy with a bow demands refinement of minor details. My current level of technical expertise is that of a novice. My focus has been on form and practice trusting the technical experts to listen to me and make the perfect adjustments. After sessions with these experts my ‘gut’ told me they were intermediate level technicians at best. I should always listen to my ‘gut’. My ‘gut’ tells me Bumper knows his business.

It was a very nice surprise to find such reliability in a bow shop, PGF. Bumper truly knows his business and I am confident with his workmanship.