Practice then on the water

Of course I practiced today. There are five 3D shoots within a couple of hours drive from me this weekend. So, I can’t get too cold of judging range – not that I am all that hot at it to begin with. But today was also about having some fun on the boat.

Impossible to keep “River” out of the water

The water looked pretty smooth so a trip to the Albemarle Sound was just about right. Brenda and I headed toward the Outer Banks then decided to go up the Pasquotank River toward Elizabeth City, NC.

Looking from the Pasquotank River toward Kitty Hawk, NC

We paused at TCOM, where they manufacture dirigibles (blimps). The blimps made in Elizabeth City are used for surveillance. We often see them in the sky north of our home on the Little River. We didn’t stick around; the wind was picking up on the Sound and our 19.8 Carolina Skiff will rock your bones in a chop.

This hanger is huge

The ride back was choppy. There were white caps on the Pasquotank, in the Sound, and at the mouth of Little River. After a couple of miles travel up Little River it was, once again, smooth.

Brenda catching some sun on the boat

It is always an adventure in the rivers and creeks around the Albemarle Sound. From my boat to woods filled with deer tracks is only 130 yards. Living here is quite cool. In Hertford, nearly every day is spent outdoors, much of that on the water.

The chop easing up as we head up Little River