Putting it on the line – 10 months old

Puttingitontheline is primarily about archery. But, it’s also about sport, life, adventure, fitness and the people we meet during training and competition. Most of this website revolves around what we, as athletes, do as we put ourselves on the line.


Competition in sport can be done as part of a team or individually. Even in team play it’s the individual’s effort that is put on the line. In Ironman triathlon, the event is done solo. During the 2.4-mile swim, 112-time trial on a bike, and marathon there is a lot of alone time.


In track and field events, the athlete is competing solo and often they compete one at a time, as in pole vaulting, the long jump, and the high jump.


Lining up with archers on either side of you is stressful to a degree. Standing at the stake while others watch is stressful. But, we do it because we love sport, enjoy the training, and live for competition. Putting it on the line is what we athletes do and I’ll continue to write about it.


Thanks for reading.

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