Putting together concepts for success

Becoming a sponsored athlete (archery) requires a lot of time training and competing. In 2014 I shot in 14 tournaments covering seven states. These competitions yielded four 1st place, two 2nd place, and three 3rd place finishes.

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Reaching a high level of athlete competition requires managing 4 factors: mental focus, self-control, confidence and commitment to work toward a goal. I have written about the process of managing these factors in the past. 1-3 Further, I live and train by these concepts. Part of my successful application of the process includes competing at 5 World Championship events over 4 sports disciplines (Cycling, duathlon, triathlon and archery).


The concepts are applicable to activities of daily living, sports, education, and business. Much of the success I’ve had in business and athletics is due to adopting these pillars of success at an early age.


My adaption of this process has been presented, in lecture form, to professional business organizations as well as to athletes and coaches.4-7 I can be contacted via LinkedIn, my website, http://puttingitontheline.com/, or email at Dlain117@yahoo.com for more information or engagements.




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