Racing rain

The plan called for shooting at longer distances. That meant, since we’re in Maryland, driving to Tuckahoe State Park and using the Tuckahoe Bowmen’s range. Because it looked like rain, this plan was good. The parking is close to the range and making a run for it wouldn’t be a futile effort. Like many plans these fell apart.

“You, bow boy, you – go away”

The gate was closed and locked at the range. Walking in isn’t too bad, unless it starts to pour down rain where after walking out would be bad. There is a covered clubhouse on the range and that is an option for staying dry. Not a bad option for a short rain. The weather forecast predicted an all day rain was on the horizon.

Cover in the event of foul weather

Schrader’s Outdoors, and their 3D range, is 7.4 miles from Tuckahoe. The loop to the furthest point on the course from the parking lot at Schrader’s is about a mile. The plan changed.

The new plan was to shoot 3D from the hunter class stake and then the open class stake on each target, keep moving from stake to stake, get in as many targets as possible before it rained. There would be no score keeping or range verifications. This would be sprint 3D shooting.

A light misty rain began while heading into the woods. Once under the trees the mist wasn’t even noticed. For a while this worked out nicely. At around stake 15 the rain droplets got heavier and for a few minutes it seemed like this was the beginning of the forecasted rainfall when it stopped.

Shoot twice and move was today’s order of business.

At stake 20, only 10 to go, there was no mist, no rain, only that guttural feeling – here it comes. More than once I’ve ignored my instances and never to the better. I picked up my pace and headed back to the truck.


It was one of those times I was glad to have listened to internal reason. I’d made back with no time to spare. My third rain day this week and still fairly dry.