Running, shooting and a dog in a tree stand

At times I write about fitness. Aside from archery I’ve enjoyed sports competition and been successful in running, cycling, duathon and triathlon. Triathlons are really exciting and fun. The main problem is the expense. An Ironman entry fee is $650.00 or more. An archery 3D tournament is much less expensive. Duathlon and cycling events are also pricy. Running is a bargain by comparison.

Charity event in Delaware, wearing my Team USA (World Championship) gear

During the winter, I search for runs to race. That means spending time on I try to get a race per month. In 2014, with all the archery tournaments I missed racing every month. At my current pace by the end of 2014 I’ll have competed in about 10 races and 20 archery tournaments. As the temperatures drop, running becomes by focus, along with hunting and indoor archery competition.


This means a lot of training. My days typically begin with a run. My dog River runs with me. She also comes with me on 3D practice ranges when I have them to myself.

River sprinting to catch up

Hunting, at times, can demand physical labor. When I was young, a hunt was a lot more work. Today, with ATVs to bring us closer to our blinds or stands, and to haul out what we might shoot, physical labor is reduced. Still, fitness remains important.

ATVs make it easier to get into and out of the woods

Being unfit and trying to climb a tree stand can be a risk for some people. I have a friend that is in his 70s. He is really out of shape but loves to hunt. Recently, he started a program toward achieving fitness. He has lost 50 pound by walking and eating less.

Relaxing in a tree stand

Another friend I have once weighed over 300 pounds. He is a serious archer. Last week, he ran his first half-marathon. Today, he has lost over 100 pounds by changing his diet, running and cycling.

In older posts, I’ve paid attention to archers that are serious about their fitness. Really, it isn’t difficult to maintain and promote your health. Take some time out of your day to workout. If you are out of shape add a quick trip to your physician to make certain nothing has run amok with your heart before you start. If you have no one to work out with, go it alone. Eventually, you will find other people with whom to work out.

Seriously, she will not stay out of a tree stand

Running solo gives you time to think. Music is nice on long runs as are books on tape. I break it up; some runs I have music or a book on tape. On other runs I leave my iPod off to think and enjoy the scenery.

Fields of cotton, nice scenery

Start slow, find an event, sign up and make it a goal. A 5K run costs between $18.00 and $25.00. You can find one in your town or nearby. Plus, you’ll get a nice T-shirt for your effort.