Setting Pins, Again

The last couple of ASA 3D shoots extended my shooting range. For IBO, in my class, if reports are correct, my maximum distance to a target would be 35 yards +/- two yards. I’d been practicing at that distance. At the recent ASA shoots the maximum distance was 40 yards +/- five. Today, I decided to work on sight pins and add five yards distance to my practice.

To begin, I set up a target near the pine trees at the foot of my driveway. Next, using a tape measure I marched off yardage from 20 to 40 in 5 yard increments.  Remains of old arrows became my line markers. To compound the effort I changed my release, again.

The 30 yard line.

My release of choice has been a Scott Pro Advantage hinge release. I also have a Tru-Fire Hardcore Revolution thumb release. I bought the Tru-Fire by accident. I thought I was buying a Tru-Ball. C’est la vie.Both releases feel good in my hand. I wanted to give the thumb release a test and plan to use it during a 3D competition on July 20th. The Tru-Fire changed my draw a little so the variance was going to require calibration of the pins.

My purposeful Scott and accidental Tru-Fire releases

Certainly there are folks that love working on their gear. I am not among that crowd. Once my stuff is set I hope it is set for life. Nevertheless, I tinkered with elevation and windage gradually adjusting my sight.

Working my way “up” at 35 yards

Taking careful aim and copious notes I ended up with professional manicured pin settings or a sight that is “good enough for now”. Changing over to the thumb release only cost me two arrows both in the woods someplace behind my house. I will remain curious of my handiwork for a few days then I get to shoot another 3D course. In the meantime, there is a strong likelihood I’ll switch back to the hinge release and start the pin calibration process over from the beginning. I have a lot of paper to shoot.

Serious note taking

(Late update: six hours after practicing with the thumb release I went back to the hinge. Re-set the top pin just before dark here in Hertford, NC)