Shooting from the Shed

Living out in the country has advantages. It is quiet, scenic, and I can play outside all day without disturbing neighbors. When it is too cold and windy to practice archery outdoors I’ve got a alternative, I shoot from a shed on my property.IMG_4505

It was cold and windy here today. I didn’t feel like driving into Elizabeth City to practice on an indoor range. It’s about a 40-minute trip one way to the range. Granted, it is nice that there is an indoor range so close, but there are days when driving anywhere isn’t fun.

At home I can stand in a shed and shoot. Because nobody lives near me I’m not worried about someone walking across my property and into the path of an arrow. Out here in the sticks we are very isolated.

First 5 shots of the day.

A plus is that I now have heat in this shed. I had this storage building renovated and now have heat, AC, carpeting, paneling, and it is insulated. It is a great workout room and not a bad place to stand inside against the cold. There are some unique advantages to living off the grid.

Warming up my bow and release.