Shooting the Breeze

It was windy, again, here on Little River near Hertford, NC. Wind makes shooting a challenge and cycling tough. There is no escaping the wind. Still, archery practice and triathlon training go on.

Wind, wind and more wind

First on my agenda for today was a bike ride. I’d have a tailwind heading out and a headwind on the return. To make the most of the ride I selected a Cervélo P2SL designed to cut the wind. I’d enjoy the tailwind and slide through, as best as possible, the headwind.

I always check my tires before I ride and found a cut in the rear tire. The Cervélo was down and out.

IMG_0766 IMG_1604


I’d make due on a road bike, my Litespeed. The ride was great, as I imagined it would be, heading out. The headwind on the return was about as bad as any Trade Wind hitting the Queen Ka’ahumanu between Kona and Hawi. I found some pleasure reflecting back on those winds during an Ironman on the Big Island of Hawaii.



Shooting my bow was another matter. The wind blew my arms and body so that my sway control needed a lot of attention. Aiming for a smallish bag with a rifle paper target from 35 yards in such wind was difficult.

IMG_1564 IMG_1563

One of my coaches, in cycling, would make us train regardless of the conditions. He reminded us that we can’t control the weather on race day and needed the experience riding in heavy wind or rain. A number of times, his coaching and our foul weather training proved to be in our favor. While I was trying to hit the target with an arrow, I thought of Coach Gernay and continued to practice.

Coach Nestor Gernay (red jacket) with Eddie Merckx 5X winner of the Tour de France

Wind is a fact of life for those of us that live on the water. There are times the wind is dead calm, mostly when I go sailing. Perhaps, practice and training in the wind will pay dividends in the future. But, if I have my choice, I am okay without it.

Life on Little River