Should have stayed in bed

Fishing Creek’s rain make-up shoot was Saturday. Their range is one of my favorites. Looking forward to the shoot I was up by 0530. It was going to be a memorable day.


Bill (standing), Greg and Bryan

The 80-mile drive from Hertford to the Fishing Creek Archery Club near Rocky Mount has little traffic and good roads. Arriving early I hoped to get on the range in front of slower groups. Bill, Bryan, and Greg accepted me as a fourth and our quartet was underway by 0920.

All three of these archers are quite accomplished. Bill has been competing on this year’s ASA circuit. Bryan and Greg, Advanced Hunter Class, are also top shooters; the three of them exchanged war stories from stake to stake.

One of those stories was of an archer dry firing his bow during a 3D tournament. Apparently, intensely focused, the archer, judged his distance, got his footing, stance, drew, aimed and fired. Upon the release everyone realized he’d forgotten to notch an arrow. I’d never heard of such an accident during competition.

At target 12 I was first up. The target was a lion, one of my favorites. I could feel the yardage. My footing was perfect. Mentally, going through each step: feet, butt, core, shoulders, draw, aim and release – I fired. POP!

I can’t say if it was the story about the fellow who dry fired his bow during a 3D shoot. Don’t know if it was the excitement of a foam lion where I seemed to have a real sense of the yardage.  What I can say is I’d neglected to notch an arrow.

Talk about feeling stupid. As I exited the range the President of the Fishing Creek Club passed and asked, “ Are you done?” I said yes and explained. He was quick to point out, “Too bad your forgot your arrow, it would have been a 12, right?” I replied, “Of course.”

Repair was nearby at ‘Shooters’ in Rocky Mount. Thankfully, only the string slipped and no damage was done. After 5 minutes and $15.00 my ZXT was back in service.

Impressive display of bows at Shooters in Rocky Mount, NC

The reparation was so quick I could have returned to finish the final few targets. But, I decided to hide my disgrace, tucked tail and headed home. I’ve done some dimwitted things in archery but this tops the list (thus far). I probably should have stayed in bed at 0530.  Another way of looking at it – this was so asinine odds are I won’t do it again, at least not for a long time, or so I hope.

2 thoughts on “Should have stayed in bed”

  1. I had a great time shooting yesterday! I hope your bow is back in operation. Around the time you left I was in a slump. But I straightened back up and went on to win in the advanced hunter class. I got lucky!! Good luck with deer hunting this year, there has got to be some nice bucks around hertford!

    1. Hi Greg, My bow is fine. That lion is my favorite target. The string needs to be replaced. Not from my mishap, simply worn out. I’ve been shooting my Apex 7 today trying and get a feel for it. I’ve primarily used that bow for indoor competition. Congratulations on the AHC win. Look forward to shooting with you again, soon. Thanks, David

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