Soggy Bottom’s Team Trailer Park

Team Trailer Park (TTP) is the group of archer’s that practice at the exclusive Soggy Bottom 3D range at Norman’s house in Goldsboro, MD. Several weeks ago, Bart Shortall sent a message to the TTP apprising them that the Virginia IBO State 3D Championship was scheduled for June 7th and 8th. Members of the TTP were certain to take the bait, the awards for top finishes included shiny belt buckles.

Team Trailer Park on their way to Virginia

It should be noted that Jeff Foxworthy, from Hapeville, GA, a graduate of Georgia Tech and Southern philosopher has pointed out that rednecks are attracted to shiny objects. Hence, the mesmerizing belt buckle bait attracting the TTP.

Engineer and philosopher, Jeff Foxworthy of Hapeville, GA

Bart’s notification of the Virginia tournament reached me, as well. I was eager to test myself against the folks in Virginia. Naturally, I totally forgot about the tournament until Chris Watkins reminded me about it at 10:00 PM the night before the contest. From my home on the coast of North Carolina, I did a quick MapQuest search and realized this shoot was out of my travel reasonability.

TTP was, however, well represented. The archers among the select team included: Chris Watkins, Norman Gustafson, John Sapp, Jr., and Wes Pritchett. They decided to get up early then travel over 200-miles to the tournament. The travel distance was about the same for me, but I decided I’d sleep and compete another day.

Missing the tournament, I can only report results and rumor. Not surprisingly, TTP did well. All four members of the team placed in the top ten of the Men’s Hunter Class. John won the event and got his belt buckle. Thus, all was right in the universe. John seems to have an abnormal lust for shiny prizes. Wes took third place, Chris was 7th and Norman was 10th.

I missed the tournament, so I suffered quietly

Chris had some difficulty during the event. On one shot, as he was aiming, his release slipped from his hand and smacked his bow. He was lucky to have not gotten hurt. Later, Bart disclosed that Chris should have wiped his hands better before aiming. Rumor has it Chris has been eating chicken wings before that particular shot. Personally, I doubt the rumor, but chicken wings are hard to resist and as I mentioned I was not there.

John sizing up the distance

Bart Shortall, still reduced to a spectator because of his recent shoulder injury, made the trip with his daughter, Megan. She won her division and brought home a belt buckle. Bart has since polished it to a mirror finish.


The Soggy Bottom TTP worked a 14-hour day to attend the Virginia competition. Of the men that shot, they earned 40% of the top ten places including first. Bart’s daughter, a bit too refined to be grouped with the Soggy Bottom boys, took away another of the top prizes from Virginia. Not a bad showing for the folks from the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

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  1. Glad you laughed, but true. Check out the bass boats next time you go to Bass Pro Shops. They all have a shiny sparkle finish.

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