Super tuning at PGF Archery in Hertford, NC

Bumper Williams, Owner at PGF Archery in Hertford, NC called to let me know he’d finished “Super Tuning” my hunting bow. I’ve been shooting with it at most 3D tournaments, including the IBO World Championships. The before and after were quite amazing.

Bumper Williams

“Experts” in the past have tuned the bow. Still a novice to compound bows (my recurve relegated to a closet), I put my trust in the bow technicians at another shop. What I discovered is these previous “experts” aren’t all they profess to be.

The QAD arrow rest, Bumper revealed, had been Super Glued! It was not moving and dried glue residue was visible. That led to the purchase of a new rest.

The horizontal movement frozen with Super Glue

The super gluing was done without informing me and is a bit irritating. The bow has only been touched by one other shop. On my next trip to that shop I will ask them why they super glued my rest.

Bumper worked with me to ensure the labor he’d done was perfect. Inside his shop we verified his adjustments via paper tuning at increasing distances. Before shooting he warned me the sight would need to be adjusted. There we made gross adjustments to the sight. The arrows shot true.

Moving outside he had me shoot at 20, 30, and 40 yards. A few more slight refinements to the sight and the arrows were hitting within millimeters of each other.

Bumper checking my bow

Once again, Bumper Williams, at PGF Archery has done an excellent job. I’ll be putting this all to the test while hunting in Georgia next week.


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    1. Hi Bart, It is a great shop. People drive hours to see Bumper. I will ask around about strings and look forward to seeing you next time I am in Maryland.

  1. Thanks for the kind words again David. It is always a pleasure speaking with you. By the way the soap is awesome!!

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