Switching Bows to Find Which Scores Best

Before this morning’s archery practice River and I headed out for a run. Lately, we’ve been cutting though woods before heading out onto the road. Once on the road we run a short loop then head back off road.

There’s been so much rain here we’ve cut the trails short. Many of the paths I’ve made for running are for the moment under water. Being under water is fine for River. It means, of course, I have to clean her off once we finish.

The run out of the way I continued on with my evaluation of bows and releases. In order to continue with that exercise I needed to remove the stabilizers and sight off of the Mathews Apex 7 and put then onto the Elite Energy 35. So, there is once again the sight tape chore.

I know which tape I used the last time I shot the Elite – the two bows require different tapes. But, it seems every time I switch bows there is a very slight variance on the calibration. It’s not a big deal when I set things up for a fixed know distance. For 3D, since I practice both, I try to keep things moving to adjust for those slight variances.

Trying to find the 40-yard calibration.

Changing the tape didn’t take too long. I knew approximately where to set the calibrations. Still, all the shots and confirmations ate up the morning. After lunch, I’ll begin the Elite tests to compare with the results from the Apex 7.