The Backyard Bale

My release has been a mess. My sight is off and my bow sounds funny. My draw length feels too long and my peep is all over the string. The wind is a pain in the rear and I haven’t had a chance to ride my bike, swim or run. Sometimes, shooting a bow and not worrying about ill-perceived problems helps lower frustration.

The Backyard Range

One of the nice things about our home in Hertford, NC compared to the one in Easton, MD is that at anytime I can walk out to my yard and shoot. While I would enjoy shooting a high score, what I like most is the calming effect associated with the sport. For me, the more relaxed I become, the better the shoot. I am rarely all that relaxed.

Going for the Xs

Despite another day of heavy wind it was fun to get out and practice. Shooting at five spots is okay, but it is good to mix it up. Sometimes I try to hit the Xs and at other times I try to put the arrows between the spots and one in the center.

Shooting between the spots

Shooting from the porch or the upper deck is another way to create entertainment. Once, I shot from the roof of our house. In hindsight, not one of my better ideas and not an activity I’ll likely repeat. My last stupid idea landed me in surgery.

Results of my last stupid idea

The upper deck gets all the wind from off the river but the porch is a bit more protected. At other times I’ll shoot from the front yard to the back yard – any further and I’d be standing in the river.

Elevated Porch Stake

On this day, the windows of the house were opened allowing the breeze to cool us.  The high temperature was only 80° F (27°C), as such, inside wasn’t hot. While I was aiming for the bale  from an opened window comes a voice, “Shoot, GO… Now!” My wife teasing me in a manner improvised by my four year old grandson, Sean. Sean’s coaching technique remains unperfected. Of course, I can’t shoot now, it is hard to laugh and simultaneously shoot. (See the post on Shooting with Sean)

Sean, a bad influence on his Grandmother

I did, however, get in a day of archery. It was one of those long practice sessions where all I did was try to relax or at best dealt with the wind.



2 thoughts on “The Backyard Bale”

  1. The garage across the street at the river can lend itself to a makeshift indoor range in bad weather. it already has a number of bullet holes in it. We will figure something out as a backstop next time I’m down.

    1. Carl, I may want to take you up on this idea. I can supply a nice target for indoor shooting. Talk to you later, David

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