The Golden Rule

We made home from 17 days in Georgia. Coming back with us were two coolers of venison and pork. A few deer were left behind; we’ll pick those up on our next trip. On the drive home, one of the topics of discussion between Brenda and I was how inconsiderate people have become.

This lack of consideration we’ve noticed has become rather prevalent. For example, the other night at 12:46 AM people near us put their dogs out into their fenced yard. These dogs barked non-stop. I turned on the outside spotlight hoping they’d pick up the hint and call the animals back in the house. No way, those dogs just kept running around the yard and barking.

Earlier that day, we’d stopped in Savannah, before driving back to North Carolina, to visit my mother who lives on Isle of Hope. It was a nice day, so we sat and talked in her back yard. The entire time we sat there, her neighbor’s two dogs barked at us from behind their white picket fence.

In Tignall, week-enders showed up at the lake and commenced having all night parties that weren’t subdued in any sense of the imagination. There was total disregard for the permanent residents and other part-time neighbors.

At an archery tournament, spectators had covered the bleachers with gear, clothing, backpacks, food and other debris so that the competitors were left with few if any places to sit. Standing for 3 to 3.5 hours isn’t fun. (Heck, I’d rather run or ride a bike that long rather than just stand). When I’d asked people would always move their piles off the bleachers, but I shouldn’t have had to ask.

I left a trail cam on my porch to see what might come out of the woods while we were gone – I didn’t expect this.

Then, when we got home I noticed my yard was covered with holes. The holes clearly caused my horses’ hooves. The owners of the horses, noticing we were out of town sent three horses to graze on my lawn. I will be speaking with them tomorrow.

That black horse ran across my lawn (captured his blur on the trail cam) and ripped it up.

Perhaps I am old school or old South, but I’d never do or allow my animals to do any of those infringements on another person. I still believe in good manners, being polite, and (at least trying) to treat others the way you’d like to be treated. That “Golden Rule” is an excellent one to practice. We don’t seem to have enough people today trying to get it right.