The Puke of Dawn


Some folks relish being up before sunrise.  They head out of their homes for to run, swim, ride a bike or attend a spin class while others of us sleep.  It is part of their fitness lifestyle. For those other people, hitting the fitness trail is better accomplished after 9:00 AM or  during the evening.  Subsets of both groups enjoy friendly competition. Sadly, for those after-niners, most races start at 7:00 AM or earlier. In archery, start times are much more humane.

You might be an early riser. You love getting up before the sun and birds, having your coffee, reading the paper, taking care of your morning constitutional, then heading out for a run or other activity.  You might even be that hunter in the stand or blind before your prey has any suspicion.  If so, great for you, the world needs people like you.

On the other hand, you might be a “let me sleep” person.  You see no reason to race the sun or beat a bird to the worm. That is not to imply you don’t maintain a fitness program; your program is tailored to a less “up and at ‘em” lifestyle.  If this is you, well God Bless you!

Not yet fully awake

For decades I have rolled out of bed between 5:00 AM and 5:30 AM in order to train.  On race day I’ve dealt with start times from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM.  Those days I needed to climb out of bed around 4:00 AM.  This “puke of dawn” rise time is applicable to some hunters and fishermen.  If 4:00 AM matches your physiology, well carpe diem.

My circadian rhythm is justly more laid back.   Granted, I have unjustly forced myself to meet the demands of early risers, but I prefer a lenient approach to daybreak.  What I have discovered is that archery offers a more benevolent attitude toward sport and morning.

Indoor archery tournaments offer a selection of shoot times.  3D Tournaments are frequently “show and go” events with archers entering the course over several hours. League competition is typically in the evening.

3D Shooting while wide awake, around noon

With other competitions my primary stress was never the race, it was always the start time. In archery, start time stress is essentially non-existent. Where hunting is concerned, I’ll go with my father-in-law, he heads out to his property to hunt at an informal pace.  He might not get the early bird (or deer or pig) but he’ll bring home the less eager to get shot game. We apply a similar rule to fishing.

Fishing or hunting with Ray (Father-in-law) can be done well after sunrise
Rolling out of bed late can still net a good catch

As tournaments grow in size and prestige, I may need to put it on the line earlier in the day.  One thing I know for certain, shooting outside won’t occur before sunrise.  I still train in the morning, but rarely before 7:30 am.  I still race often, that still sucks the life out of morning.



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  1. I was born and raised on a farm , days started at 4 am , have seen many a beautiful sunrise. You are right tho , some are morning people and some aren’t .

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