Virginia Indoor Championships

VA Indoor State Championship Range

Elevation versus windage are two dials not to physically reverse.  In other words, don’t mistakenly dial windage when you intend to dial elevation.  This was a lesson I learned first hand.

The Virginia Indoor Championships was one of my early attempts at serious competitive tournaments, and, needless to say, my nerves were in full swing.  After our short warm up prior to the event I needed to move my elevation up a tad.  Recently training at 17 yards and now needing to adjust my elevation to shoot at 20 yards.  Clicking away, the needle pointing at the elevation scale on the sight was not moving.  It became all to obvious, I had been dialing away at my windage.  The warm-up was now history.  The next shots were for scores.  It is at this point, I thought to myself: Oh crap, Oh crap, Oh crap! The  tournament became a test of how many arrows it was going to take to bring my Axcel Achieve CX sight back to the center of the target.  It took about 18 arrows.  Lots of 5, 6, 7 and 8 scores as my arrows moved from the left of center back to center.  My second 30 arrows where significantly better than the first 30 arrows.  Archery lesson #1: windage and elevation not  interchangeable