Winter Training and Practice Day

Yesterday it was too cold, at least for this misplaced Savannahian, to do much outdoors. Still, I needed to exercise and practice. To accomplish both I made use of a gym and the indoor range at Cypress Creek Archery, in Millington, MD.

A quarter of a century ago I was in a meeting on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th. In Savannah St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday and we hold a parade. The weather typically allows short pants, but many people dress more formally in celebration. From my office window, on this March 17th, I stared at snow falling. This was my first encounter with cold.

Cypress Creek Archery, Millington, MD

Since then I’ve become more familiar with northern climates. Working in Sweden in January and February brings cold to an entirely new level. I am not referring to the nice winters of Stockholm or Uppsala. I mean driving on frozen rivers and attending meetings in Umeå. Winter in northern Sweden gave me a new appreciation of cold.


In Edmonton, Alberta Canada my physician friends described to me the frozen people they’d find each winter. These were folks that had gone out for a drink after work. When they arrived home they sometimes weren’t able to open the doors of their homes. So, they’d wait outside until someone came to help them. During the wait they’d freeze to death. The winter I spent in Cleveland and the years in Pittsburgh and Baltimore seem tame by comparison.

Getting my equipment prepared for practice.

What all these frozen conditions taught me was to stay warm. On Tuesday I did just that – worked out in a gym, ran a treadmill and practiced indoors. There would be time for getting back outside soon enough.